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i like to think of myself as a pretty laid back kind of person. i get along with pretty much everyone. i love classic literature and poetry. i wish college was free so i could study what i want to learn instead of what i need to know for a job. i love nature and animals. i am completely fascinated with people and what makes them do the things they do. i am currently without a religion. i love cooking but i hate cleaning up. i'm a gamer girl. i like all types of music. i eat peanut butter with just about anything. i recycle. i can't live without my android. i play texas hold'em. i'm perfectly happy just relaxing with friends for a good time. i'm a procrastinator. i knit and crochet. i'm a hippie at heart ☮🍄♐♻

rag bag?!?! i think so!!!

(via Craft This Tote Round 2! - Gallery! - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS)

02/02/2012 |